LMT MLK6518-MARS Creedmoor


LMT MLK6518-MARS Creedmoor


MLK6518-MARS Upper Receiver | Ambidextrous Charging Handle |

S-A Bolt Carrier Group | MARS-H Lower Receiver |

This is the current flagship for the MARS-H lineup. The do-it-all MLK6518-MARS has the robustness of a combat proven weapon system, the pedigree of an accurate long range rifle, and the versatility of our MARS modular system. Featuring a 1/8 right hand twist, 18″, SS barrel, and two stage trigger, this carbine can shoot with precision for a long time.

LMT® patented monolithic Modular Weapon System, MWS®.  The only true monolithic rail platform, milled from a single solid piece of aerospace aluminum forging. It utilizes two locking bolts accessible from the side of the receiver to lock in the barrel extension. This patented technology engages the barrel extension for a full 360 degrees around the extension and makes the barrel removable within seconds with a return to zero of the same barrel. One receiver can utilize numerous barrels of varying length, material, and caliber.

The MLK6518-MARS upper receiver has 19.25″ of picatinny rail on the 12 o’clock position.  The remaining 7 sides provide M-LOK compatible attachment points.

MWS® barrels utilize a low profile gas block and straight gas tube.  They possess proprietary coating and are cryogenically treated for long term durability.

The MARS®-H ambidextrous lower receiver features our EDM machined two-stage trigger, winter trigger guard, endplate with QD swivel point, LMT® ergonomic textured grip, and SOPMOD stock.  The ambidextrous features include bolt catch and release, magazine catch, and safety selector.  As with all LMT® lower receivers, the extension tube is coated with dry film lubricant.

This weapon system comes complete with magazine, owner’s manual, and 3 rail panels.

MLK6518-MARS | LMT MLK6518-MARS | MLK6518

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MLK6518-MARS | LMT MLK6518-MARS | MLK6518

Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor


Weight (empty): 9.47 Pounds/ 4.3 Kilograms

Magazine Capacity: 20 Rounds

Barrel: 18in SS

Rifling: 1:8″

Selector: Safe/Semi

Trigger: Two Stage

The MLK6518 is a two-stage semi-automatic rifle that is perfect for the versatile firearm owner. This LMT model is the flagship for the line-up of MARS-H now available in 6.5 Creedmoor. This firearm is great as a long-range rifle while still having the complexity of a modular weapon system.

The MLK6518 uses an ambidextrous charging handle which is perfect for universal use. These firearms are more easily issued to large teams like police and military which can have left and right-handed shooters. This firearm comes with a Picatinny rail which is used for the attachments of accessories such as scopes and lasers.

The 1/10 right-hand twist on the MLK6518 creates one spin per every ten inches of rifling. The twist rate of your firearm is important to know. The twist of your rifling puts the necessary spin on your rifle creating higher accuracy than those of a slower twist rate.

The MLK6518 also uses a two-step trigger which involves two different phases in the firing process. The benefit of using a two-step trigger is being able to know exactly when your firearm will fire. During the first step of the process, you hit a break wall in the firing. During the second step, your firearm will discharge. Knowing when your firearm will fire helps create better accuracy to time your shots more potently.

With over 30 years of high-quality engineering on their side, LMT is one of the top manufacturers to look at when choosing your perfect firearm. This is the perfect firearm for military, officers, hunters, and recreational target practice.

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Shipping Dimensions 43 × 10 × 6 in