The LMT® Modular Ambidextrous Rifle System (MARS®) lower receiver offers ambidextrous controls to include: selector, magazine release and bolt catch and release. The ambidextrous magazine and bolt catch mechanisms are machined directly into the receiver and have been designed to function as ergonomically as possible. This lower receiver is designed with several unique LMT® features to further enhance its durability and versatility. These features are: enhanced magazine well, two-stage trigger group, winter trigger guard, G2 pistol grip, QD endplate, and SOPMOD buttstock.


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Caliber: 56, 151, 70, 37, 71
Operating Method: 39, 72
Selector: 50
Trigger: 49

For over 30 years, Lewis Machine and Tool Company has been creating innovative accessories and firearms for users around the globe, like the M7DA4. Early on they noticed a high demand for modular systems that would allow for quick changes while in use. Some of these changes include barrel systems, upper receivers, lower receivers, buttstocks, accessories, and more.

For military and police units, it is very important to provide firearms that can be versatile for multiple users. This creates a high demand for firearms that are created for left-hand users and well as right-hand users. This is where Lewis Machine and Tool Company has created a lightweight ambidextrous design. The M7DA4 creates the ability for both left and right-handed users to use the same firearm without changing their non-dominant eye and hand. this ambidextrous lower receiver includes an ambidextrous magazine release, selector, and bolt catch system.

Important features of the M7DA7 include:

  • Magazine Well- LMT has created an enhanced Mag Well which will decrease load times for the firearm user.
  • Two Stag Trigger- The M7DA4’s trigger was designed to increase accuracy by allowing shooters to know when the rifle will fire more accurately.
  • Winter Trigger Guard- These guards allow for more space in your trigger for use with gloves or other elements to reduce fatigue.
  • LMT G2 Pistol Grip- Like the Winter Trigger Guard, this grip is used to reduce fatigue while holding your rifle.
  • QD Endplate- The M7DA4 uses quick disconnect end plates to decrease sling snags while creating smoother transitions onto your firearm.
  • SOPMOD Buttstock- This enhanced buttstock has an improved cheek weld for more comfortable use.

Additional information

Shipping Weight 72 oz
Shipping Dimensions 26 × 4 × 10 in