LMT MLC Pistol – 5.56



Model MLC Pistol
Caliber 5.56×45
Operating Method Direct Impingement
Magazine Capacity 30 Rounds
Barrel 11.5 in Chrome
Rifling 1:7″
Selector Safe/Semi
Trigger Two Stage
Color Black

LMT, Lewis Machine & Tool Company, has been in business for 40 years and providing top quality American made weapons to law enforcement, military, and government agencies, hunters, commercial retailers, and recreational practice. LMT produces a full line of accessories and weapons fabricated specifically for all types of environments from urban to desert combat. Their main business goal is to surpass the expectations of not only customer service but quality and price as well.

LMT has received many awards and accreditations like the Illinois Quad City Small Business Government Procurement Award for Excellence in State and Federal Government Procurement, United States Army Armament, Munitions and Chemical Command Award for Contractor Excellence of Loyal Support and Contributions to the Readiness of the Us Armed Forces (Oct., 1991-Sept. 1992), Us Army Material Command for Outstanding Achievement in Value Engineering (1994), and the Committee of Small Arms Producers (Apr. 1997-Feb. 2001)

The LMT MLC Pistol – 5.56 was built with our patented monolithic Rail Platform to provide a low-profile gas block with a straight tube and treated for the long-term durability that is highly sought after. The MLC comes equipped with many components that help to make this firearm a true work of art as well as extremely accurate and desired by many gun enthusiasts. One of the most desirable components of the MLC is the two-stage trigger, which helps to know exactly when your MLC will fire, and this 2-step process helps to create more accurate and timely shots fired.

The upper receiver comes equipped with an ambidextrous charging handle to make this purchase perfect for the entire collective unit of any large group like law enforcement, and the military where there is a higher likelihood of both left and right-handed shooters.

The best part is that you do not have to be in the military or in law enforcement to enjoy the LMT MLC Pistol – 5.56. There are many recreational ranges all over the US for all citizens to be able to practice shooting and enjoy their weapons.

Additional information

Weight 168 oz
Dimensions 43 × 10 × 4 in