STI Staccato C² DUO


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Barrel – 3.9 inch Bull Barrel
Finish – Diamond Like Carbon, Black
Magazines – 1x 120mm & 2x 126mm
Trigger – 4 lbs with Ambi Safety Levers
Dawson Precision Perfect Impact® Sights
Front – Fiber Optic
Rear – Carry DUO™ (Dawson Universal Optic)
Recoil System – 3.9 Recoil Master Light
Grip – 2011® G2, Officer Length, Black
Frame – Lightweight Alloy Frame w/ Accessory Rail
Caliber – 9mm

*Optic NOT Included*

The DUO™ Carry (Dawson Universal Optic) system is designed to work with the Sig Romeo Zero, JP JPoint and Shield Reflex Optics, the DUO™ Carry system will co-witness with these optics and is fully adaptable to the DUO™ Tactical system that come on the Staccato P DUO™ and XC.